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Kylie Borchers

 Founder of Moxie Makers • Owner of Moxie Loft •Blonde Specialist • Synergy Seeker 

Kylie is a wife, mom, business owner and passion-driven. She believes in lifting up our industry through 

knowledge and community.


Kylie has been a hair stylist for 12 years and has owned her business, Moxie Loft since 2015. She recently moved her business from Chandler, AZ to Telluride, CO.

Kylie has experience in the following and would love to be here for you: 

•Moving your business to a new location

•Salon Studio Ownership

•Social Media Marketing

•Hiring/Training an Assistant

•Traveling Hair Stylist


Kylie's Education Portal
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Salon Owner • Bridal Specialist • Cowgirl 

Madelyn is one of the best in the west! She has been in the hair industry for ____ years and has owned her salon _______ in Texas for _____ years. Madelyn specializes in Business, Bridal, and Blondes and holds a passion for building community through leadership in the hair industry.

Madelyn has had experience with the following and would love to be here for you!

•Salon Ownership and Systems

•Building a Bridal Contract

•Building a Bridal Business

•Traveling Hair Stylist

Madelyn's Education Portal
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Addie Jones

Foilayage Specialist • Business Badass

• Vogue-a-bond

Addie is one fierce magic-maker. Addie has learned how to build a 6-figure business by working BTC using her own color techniques and business models. She is passionate about sharing her methods with other hair stylists to teach them how to be Jones'n for that money!

Addie has experience in the following and would love to be here for you: 

•Client Consultations

•Building Boundaries

•Social Media Marketing


•Traveling Stylist

Addie's Education Portal
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Brittany Petrillo

Yoga Instructor • Salon Owner • Hair Stylist 

• Free Spirit 

Brittany is a creative genius who has built a successful team and business at Swoon Salon in Phoenix, Arizona. Brittany specializes in extensions and color. She is also a certified yoga instructor and has created yoga routines specific for hairstylists to help us take care of our bodies when working BTC.

Brittany's Yoga Portal
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